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Health and Wellness Copywriting

Save Time  -  Increase Revenue  -  Make an Impact

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Content Marketing Solutions

for Health and Wellness Practitioners

As a Natural Health Professional, your time is precious.  You feel the stress and overwhelm of having to do it all.


You're expected to...

  • Give your patients the time they deserve... but you worry about seeing enough patients to pay your staff

  • Be the expert that solves every patient's health complaint... but you struggle to find time to stay up to date on the latest research

  • Avoid the red and ensure the numbers work in your favor at the end of the day... but you can't rely on insurance for referrals

  • Make the time to connect with your loved ones... but you need to be able to afford to feed your family

  • AND market your business to bring in a steady stream of patients?

You know your business isn’t going to market itself. Word of mouth only gets you so far. And you can't depend on insurance and hospital referrals like a surgeon can. 


But after the dishes are cleaned, the laundry is folded, and you face that final hour before bed, the last thing you want to do is open up your laptop to write that email newsletter… It can wait until tomorrow… Again. 

I'm here for you!

Spend your time where you thrive - With your patients... not behind a computer screen.


You don't need to decide between marketing your business and getting dinner on the table

...leave the writing to me.

When you work with me, you get:

  • Search Engine Optimized blogs and webpages so ideal patients can find you

  • Scholarly Research that's up to date and spotlights your expertise

  • Article ideas that showcase you as the thought leader you are

  • Formatting to help patients easily navigate the page

  • Editing to make sure your content is exactly what you had envisioned

  • Copy that speaks to your ideal patient so you achieve more success stories

  • Clear communication about what to expect and when to expect it


As a health and wellness copywriter, I help you...

Beat Your

Competitors Online

...without the use of ads.

94% of search engine clicks go to organic results - not ads.

Neil Patel

Bring Value to

Your Patients

...and keep them coming back.


80% of business professionals say email marketing increases customer retention.


Establish Yourself

as an Expert

...and draw in ideal patients.


69% of people surveyed say that a blog increases the credibility of a website.

Social Marketing Writing

Who am I?


Hi! I'm Jillian. A Natural Health Copywriter and mother to a hilarious and sassy 5-year-old and a baby that has a smile that'll make you melt. I'm also a travel enthusiast, tree-hugger, and health nut.

When I was pregnant with my first, I struggled to have my wants and needs listened to by my OBGYN. I found myself having to quite assertively say "no" to medications and procedures that I knew the research did not support... just because, "That's how we do it."

When I eventually found myself in the doctor's office of an acupuncturist, I was finally able to take a deep sigh of relief. Between him, my chiropractor, and my naturopath, I felt heard. I felt like they cared. I had hope. They were working with me, not against me. They were on my side.


You inspire me and changed my life. Now, let me change yours.


P.S. If you want to learn more about me, my story, and what I do, check out this interview on Youtube.

About Me

Health and Wellness Copywriting Services



  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field

  • Show potential patients that you're the one with the answers they've been searching for

  • Use keywords to allow more ideal patients to find your site


Starting at $225 for 1500 words



Maintaining a consistent blog increases website traffic by 55%.

- Hubspot



  • Bring value to current patients to keep them coming back

  • Keep patients up to date on what you have to offer

  • Establish trust overtime with consistent communication

Starting at $50 per email 

(3 email minimum)

More than 59% of marketers report that emails are their biggest source of ROI

- Hubspot


website copy

  • Make an exceptional first impression to keep patients on the page

  • Allow strategic SEO to continuously bring in new patients

  • Showcase where you excel to attract ideal patients

Starting at $1500

91% of webpages get no organic traffic. Let's make you one of the 9% that do.

- Ahrefs

Talk to me about bundles and retainer packages

Email Optins Available for Purchase

Here's How it Works...

Step 1:  Select  -- Select the Optin and Add-ons you'd like to purchase.

Step 2:  Communicate -- Email me with your selections.

Step 2:  Personalize  -- I'll get in touch with you to personalize the Optin for your unique business.

Step 3:  Finalize -- I take your feedback and suggestions to finalize a completed Optin Ebook that you now own the rights to.

Step 4:  Utilize -- Make the Optin available on your site, promote it on social media, and start reaching a larger audience with your email list!

Optin Ebooks Available for Purchase:

Sleep Ebook Cover.png

Transform Your Sleep


36 pages of science-backed information and interactive material that will transform your client's sleep

Basic Package: $1600

Premium Package: Starting at $2000

Sleep Quiz Cover.png

Sleep Habits Quiz

A 15 question quiz all about sleep habits. Followed by tips to making positive changes toward better sleep. Totals 13 pages.

Basic Package: $650

Premium Package: Starting at $850

Iron Cheatsheet Cover.png

Iron Cheatsheet


A printable cheatsheet for plant based women to ensure they're getting enough iron every day. 

Totals 7 pages. 

Basic Package: $375

Premium Package: Starting at $525

Basic Package

  • Optin Ebook becomes yours to own

  • Includes 1 round of edits

  • Personalization:

    • Your logo​

    • About Me section

    • Links to your services & products

    • Conclusion page

Premium Package

  • Optin Ebook becomes yours to own

  • Includes 2 rounds of edits

  • Personalization:

    • Your logo​

    • About Me section

    • Links to your services & products

    • Conclusion page

  • Additional sections and information added according to your needs​

Optional Add-Ons

  • Design Change with Professional Graphic Designer

    • Starting at $150​

  • Corresponding Blog Posts

    • $200 per blog​

  • Welcome Email Sequence

    • $50 per email​

  • Corresponding Social Media Posts

    • $30 per post

Not seeing something that's right for you?

Your Customized Ebook Cover.png

VIP Package

  • Completely Custom-Created Optin Ebook for Your Topic of Choice

  • Includes 2 rounds of edits

  • Scholarly Research

  • Collaboration on Ebook topic, Sections, and Outline

  • Packages starting at $1000 for a 10-page Ebook

In the content marketing world, they say the best time to start an email list is yesterday.

And the second-best time is today!





But how do you build that email list?


With a “Freebie Optin”. An “Optin” or “Freebie” is a valuable piece of content that you gift to website visitors in exchange for their email addresses. 


Grow your subscriber list so you can build better relationships with potential and current clients, increase client retention, and establish trust and authority.  

Don't have time to create one yourself?

I'm here for you. I have already completed Optin Ebooks ready for purchase today! 

Optin Ebooks

Healthcare and Wellness Copywriting Samples

Email Newsletter Sample Thumbnail1.png

Email Newsletter

Email Welcome Message Sample2.png

Email Welcome Message

Email Welcome Series Sample2.png

Email Welcome Series

Landing Page Sample Thumbnail2.png

Landing Page


Health and Wellness Blog Writing Samples

SEO Guide for Blogs Cover.png

Free Guide

Free Guide
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